Alexa Voice Remote Not Working

Fire Stick has been a great source in the streaming arena that allows its users to watch thousands of programs and other digital content, is a state-of-the-art device. The success graph of this device is moving upward as compared to its contemporary devices. Therefore, it has millions of consumers globally. Even though it boasts top-class features, yet it has developed a few technical issues, and one of the common issues is this Alexa voice remote not working that can spoil the streaming entertainment. With the aim of getting more information regarding Fire Stick apart from Alexa Voice Remote Not Working, you can contact Amazon 800 Customer Service team, and there, you will find complete information about this device. 

Alexa Voice Remote Not Working can be encountered by many Fire Stick users and it can be fixed by taking many steps, it can be resolved maybe during the first step or maybe next few steps. Thus, here are a few steps that can help you resolve this glitch.  

Step 1: Restart Your Fire Stick Device

Go through the below-given steps in order to restart your Fire Stick device: 

• First and foremost, you must go to the home screen of your Fire Stick, and then choose “settings”.

• Thereafter, select either “my fire TV” or system.

• Lastly, choose “restart”.   

Until the fire TV reset, you must press and hold “select” and “play” button on your remote at the same time.  

Step 2: Reset Your Fire Stick Remote

• At first, you must unplug the fire TV from the power source, and then wait for around 60 seconds.

• During the next step, you must press and hold the left button, menu button, and back buttons together for 15 seconds. 

• After waiting for 5 seconds, remove the batteries of the remote.

• Now, plug the fire TV back into a power socket, and you will be advised to wait for the next 60 seconds.

• Fit the batteries back into the remote again. 

• Lastly, press the home button of your remote. 

Step 3: Re-Register Your Device

In general, the main issue is noticed in the button of the microphone because the link to the Amazon account gets broken.  In order to fix this issue, we have to de-register and then register the fire TV. 

• Move to the home screen of your Fire Stick, and select the “settings” and then “account & profile settings” then “Amazon account “and then “deregister”. 

• After that, you need to click on confirm,  and select” de-register”

• As soon as the registration page gets loaded, you must click on the sign back to re-register your Amazon account to the device. 

Step 4: Check The Setting Of Home Button

• Move to the home screen of your fire TV, and then select “settings” 

• After that, select “ equipment control”

• You will be advised to select management equipment.

• Thereafter, “advanced settings”

• Make sure the home button is set to “HDMI-CEC only“.

Alexa Voice Remote Not Working is a very common issue for the Fire Stick owner, but the good is this it can be fixed within a few minutes by way of following the above-given steps. If you have any sorts of trouble, you can coordinate with the experts to get help remotely.

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How To Fix Alexa Voice Remote Not Working Issue Easily
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