In 1994, Amazon’s cornerstone was laid by Jeff Bezos in Seattle Washington as an online bookstore; subsequently it has extended its territory to sell its numerous diversified products like software, video games, furniture, toys, jewelry, and apparel and so on. In this digital world, Amazon, a top notch company comes with its all sorts of state-of-the-art streaming devices becomes synonymous with media streaming devices. Fire Stick is a high performance ultra-modern device which is easy to operate regardless of age. In order to operate FireStick, users don’t need to have any kind of technical skill. If users find it any kind of issue regarding Fire Stick, Amazon extends its support with its open arms to its customer on Fire Stick Support Phone Number 24/7 which is a toll free phone number in United States and other supported countries.

Amazon Fire TV Stick has all contemporary features, and also committed to adding new innovative feature to this device which can be seen in all diversified generations. Due to its affordability and usability, FireStick is being sold like a hot cake in online arena. FireStick Customer Service has made all the features of this device in one of most sophisticated manner including the size of Fire Stick is so portable and sleek with measuring 9 cm long and 3cm width. The other comprehensive feature of this online media streaming device is Alexa, that has abundance in features just by way of giving command in words, it will function like Alexa play song, Alexa find shows or Alexa play video on you tube, moreover, Alexa is always on its toes to follow your command.

Amazon comes with its convenient way to plug Fire Stick into an HDMI port in your television. One end of the power cord should be connected to Fire Stick and other end needs to be connected into power adapter. Fire TV stick is designed regardless of its usability so that every age of the person can utilize it without using a lot of brain. Despite of having easy way to fix your FireStick, if something goes unnoticed; please feel free to have access on Fire Stick Support Number which is away from single click. To follow step by step on screen instructions with the help of Alexa that can be paired easily thus, the complexity of plugging streaming device will be resolved with ease.

In the year 2023, Amazon has launched the all new Fire Stick 4K Max that is 40% more powerful than the previous version of Fire Stick 4K. Hence apps will start faster and you will enjoy a very smooth navigation feature. The 2023 edition of Fire Stick comes with 4K ultra HD resolution and support Dolby Vision HDR 10+ with Dolby Atoms sound to deliver on the best streaming experience to its users. This new version also supports the next gen Wi-Fi 6 routers so that you can enjoy 4K video streaming among multiple devices smoothly. On this new device you can easily stream 4K movies and episodes from popular apps like NetFlix, Prime Video and Disly+ Hotstar if you have a valid subscription. So after all this all new 2023 edition is one of the best fire tv sticks available in the market this year so far.

Fire Stick Support Number

Amazon Fire Stick offers an immense opportunity to its users to stream online content like Apple TV, Sony LIV, Zee5, Hot Star, Prime Video and many more, and also depends on subscription fee which may apply. It is very important to measure the usability of each features of Amazon Fire Stick like mirror your content from laptop, mobile phone, and tablet to your TV, and good news about for those people who want to have experience of YouTube app with parental control feature. It means FireStick helps parents to control their kids while watching their online acclivities; last but not the least Fire Stick has enough storage for apps and games. Only negative side of Fire Stick is to offer more access to its prime members like free prime video, thousands of movies, songs, TV episodes and so on.

Amazon Fire TV Sticks Common Issues and Solutions

If your device suffers a sudden malfunction, we are committed to resolving your glitch with ease. Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most sophisticated as well as popular devices blends with cutting edge technology. It has been an award-wining device to convert your regular TV into a smart TV with ease in this present scenario globally. But none of the invention created by human is flawless, being a technology one day it is going to a have glitch regarding software, battery, power cord. Fire stick, it is very easy to identify and resolve all those issue without any difficulty. If you cannot resolve issues by yourself, you can make the most of Fire Stick Support which is available 24X7. Your problems will be listened and resolved by our team patiently.

1. Fire Stick Frozen / Black Screen Issue

Being a small device that has very little internal space for storage, Fire Stick sometimes freezes or will show a black screen only. It does not mean that there is something wrong with your device, it's just a glitch in Fire Stick operating system and you can get rid of this easily. To fix Fire Stick Frozen problem, you only need to do few things. A simple restart can do wonders in this problem so just unplug your FireStick from the wall and plug it back after couple of minutes. If this does not solve the problem then you need to free up some space by deleting few unused apps and clear the cache. At last resort, consider calling FireStick Customer Service Phone Number for expert assistance and do not worry, the team is available round the clock so you can ring them anytime.

2. Netflix App Not Working Properly

Netflix is one of the most popular online media streaming apps available on Fire Stick that gives you access to digital content from all over the world including blockbuster movies and TV shows. If for some reasons Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick device then you should always check your internet connection first. Online media streaming Apps like Netflix always need very high speed internet connection to work. If your internet connection is working fine, you can try deleting cache and app data. This will resolve the problem most of the time and you will be able to enjoy Amazon FireStick once again.

3. White Box on Fire Stick

There are times when you might see a rectangular white box on your TV screen connected to fire stick. You might find it very annoying as it takes a large amount of space on your TV screen. You will be thinking that your fire stick might be facing some sort of technical issue that you need to fix to over some this problem. But, hold on, white box on fire stick is not a technical glitch rather it is an accessibility feature that can be fixed easily. Alternatively, can you contact FireStick Customer Service Number for assistance but before doing so, we would suggest you follow the steps mentioned in this guide. This way you will be able to save some of you precious time.

Fire Stick Support Phone Number

4. Sound Problems / Audio Issues

Once is a blue moon you might face the issue of Fire Stick Sound Not Working while watching a movie or TV show. There is nothing to worry here, this problem can be fixed easily within couple of minutes. First of all you need to check two things, first make sure “Audio" is not muted on Fire Stick and Secondly make sure your A/V receiver is turned “ON“. If you are done with these two thing, then go to “Settings" and then choose “Display & Sound" and select “Audio“. Here you need to make sure that “Dolby Digital Plus" is turned “OFF“. Still if you didn't get success them check the HDMI cable and if possible try to replace it with new on.

How to Get Fire Stick Support from Amazon

Amazon is one the most sought-after online companies in this arena due to its leading technologies. It not only provides its products via online but also extends its most committed services to its customers globally. Fire Stick Support Phone Number is toll free for their valuable customers and available round the clock.

Online Help Articles

Amazon has made all the possible efforts to ease the problems of the online customers and its “Customer Service" team is leaving no stone unturned in terms of its customers’ satisfaction. With the latest development, customers can access to articles and reviews of the customers which are tailored to meet the specific problems and can encounter their issues with ease. Thus, individual can go through online content in the forum articles.

FireStick Customer Service Options

Phone Number: 1-888-770-3378

E-Mail: &

Live Chat:

Community Support

Community support has always been an advantage for Fire Stick users as there are millions of active users on the platform from across the globes that are eager to “Help" each other community members. The problem might be very simple or complex depending on your skill set but you will always get a solution for that in the community. So next time if you face any sort of problem with FireStick, do not hesitate, just make a detailed post in the community forum and wait for someone to post and reply on that.

Toll Free Customer Service

The ecommerce giant, Amazon provides excellent help over the phone and it is also the fastest way to get Fire Stick issues fixed in no time. Amazon Fire Stick Support Number is 1-888-770-3378 which is accessible in United States and Canada. There are other country specific phone numbers as well depending on your location. Always keep in mind that toll free phone numbers only work within the country itself and if you call from outside, you have to pay international calling charges. Thus it will be good that you find the right toll free number for your country.

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Hi, why we can not delete amazon apps we don’t need and we never use as amazon photos, amazon music, amazon kids, freeve, news, free, prime video, those apps only take storage space and memory ram, but we don’t use it, if somebody used he can download it and use it, but why force me to have those apps that i don’t want it, please firlx that.


I have a problem with my fire stick it show a black screen

Beverly Wagner

I’m trying to download Netflix

Steve Willis

All of my premium channels are in Spanish


Having trouble with DIRECTV stream , getting error code 0018


Iam a cable TV user and I would like to get a Fire stick what needs to be done? (Help)!!


It takes 2-3 firestick reboots (reboot I do pwering off and often it reboots itself) and about 30 minutes to get something to play when I first try to use firestick. I have had a firestick for at least 5 years. The firestick this past year has been very unreliable.

KJ Willis

My firestick has downloaded all apps successfully but will not play hbo or paramount +. Firestick does not work on other tVS. Internet connection is good. Hbo and paramount play on other devices.

Abdelhak Baroud

netflix and youtube unavailability on fire tv stick 4k max


Cannot get the Disney + app to work. I keep getting error 42 and have tried everything it suggested.

Manohar jagtiani

We have Amazon TV FIRE STICK . It was working fine till yesterday ie 21/7/21 . Purchased six months back . Now there is no response or starting signal from stick . Checked all connection n followed instructions given . Unable to understand . It is all blank .
U do not have any number in india (mumbai ) to call / report to service engineer . Pl guide

Mkshort4858 @gmail com

Why cannot get thru to a human agent. I think im intelligent enough to make a consise analysis to another human would filter out my emotion at the time. And help me figure out why my Firestick stopped in

Steve Waldron

I am switching from Dish cable using fire tv stick lite. Do I unplug my regular tv power cord after I plug in the usb power? Do I unscrew my Dish cable before using fire stick? How do I get the”Element”. TV screen to come on?


Turned on my TV after about 4 weeks of using this fire stick and for some reason it is prompting me to verify it. I have jumped through every hoop and still nothing so I called the fire stick support number from the website. The technical assistant Dude was a complete asshole. When I told him I didn’t have google chrome on my seldom used computer he said. “Call us back when you get a computer” and hung up on me. So I called customer support and he was even worse. I asked him if he could help me out… Read more »


What the hell is up with the firestick update? The apps are smaller and harder to see. How is that Going to work for people with vision problems? And the setup is so completely different that it will cause problems for people with intellectual disabilities and people with vision and memory problems. Why do you all make changes and not even think about marginalized people? I’m beginning to think you don’t actually care.

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